How I work

In my work I am not trying to illustrate the existing world or intending to create images. The process of painting I am participating in, can be described as a dialectic and interactive conversation between the painting and me, the artist. I am actively participating in the development or rather unfolding of the painting, but in a very conceptual, structured and disciplined way. Following a clear concept yet at the same time valuing and following the impulse given by the partially chaotic optical expressions of the evolving painting, this consequently creates paradoxes in my works offering something most liberating, reassuring and joyful to me and maybe to life as such.

In my painting, I use very rigorous specifications about the imaging aspects used (size, proportion, picture elements, content...) and utilize this to provide the pictures with a framework in which the "error", the chaos, the meaning-free can show and ultimately become a powerful impetus for the finished picture. 


Christine Kraemer

Born 1959 in Copenhagen of her Danish mother and her German father who worked internationally, Christine grew up in India, Denmark and Germany. Throughout her entire life she approached the world through painting and consequently studied Free Painting at the University of Arts (UDK) in Berlin. After she received her Master of Arts from  she worked very successfully in her Berlin studio, resulting in national and international exhibitions and a number of prestigious scholarships.

At thirty-five Christine adopted and raised three children and is living and working today in a village just outside Berlin. She is represented by her gallerist Ernst A. Busche.


Solo Exhibitions


2020 „Perdu“,Marienkirche, Müncheberg

2020 Kunst im Westend, Berlin

2019 Brotfabrik Berlin; 2016 “Ambilateral” Schul- und Bethaus Altlangsow with Almut

Kühne und Christoph Tannert; 2015 “Bildcode” Galerie Oqbo Berlin with Katharina Karrenberg; 1999 “Malerei” Max-Delbrück Zentrum Berlin; 1995 Galerie Busche Berlin; 1994 Galerie Vinzenz Sala Berlin


Group Exhibitions

2020 „ Grande Finale“, Weissenseer Kabinet, Brotfabrik Galerie, Berlin

2020 „6 aus 181“, Galerie Oqbo, Berlin

2018 “Ene-mene-muh…” Bar Babette Berlin; 2018 “Brandenburger Kunstpreis” Schloss Neuhardenberg; 2018 “Horses” Ashgabat; 2016 “Cross Section 1” Galerie Busche Berlin with Alexandra

Baumgartner, Jinny Yu, Hanne Darboven et. al.; 2016 “Galerie Oqbo Paperfile” Bildersaal Artothek Munich; 1998 “Fünf malerische Positionen” Busche Galerie Berlin; 1998 “Junge Kunst International” Overbeckgesellschaft Lübeck; 1997 “Korrespondenzen” Berlinische Galerie Berlin; 1997 “Korrespondenzen” Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh with Richard Wright, Gunda Förster, Fischer 

el Saani, Nathan Coley et. al.; 1996 “Panoptik” Alt-Stralau Berlin; 1991 “Ohne Kompromiss” Goldrausch Künstlerinnenprojekt Bethanien Berlin; 1993 “Kunst-Sprache” Kunstwerke Berlin; 1992 “Was der Mensch so braucht” Bergmannstr. 110 Berlin



“Sammlung der Berlinischen Galerie” Berlin; “Sammlung des Max Delbrück Zentrums” Berlin; “Neuer Berliner Kunstverein” Artothek Berlin, Private Collections



1998 “Arbeitsstipendium Kunstfond” Berlin; 1997 “Arbeitsstipendium Kunstfonds e.V.” Bonn; 1993 “Arbeitstipendium des Senats für kulturelle Angelegenheiten” Berlin; 1992 “Stipendium der Senatsverwaltung für kulturelle Angelegenheiten von Frauen”Berlin; 1991 “Goldrausch Künstlerinnenförderung” Berlin; 1990-1994  “Werkverträge mit dem Berliner Kultursenat”