So let us not look for certainty and stability.Our reason is always disappointed by the inconstant nature of appearances ; nothing can fix the finite between the two infinites which both enclose and escape it.( B. Pascal,Pensesees)



Our present-day version of Pascal`s human being caught between the two infinites is our awareness that today every experience is located somewhere  between the intersecting, interweaving perspectives of micrological and macrological patterns of observation

and orientation.Each of our perceptions has a multiplicity of locations in the rich potential of the in-between, which at the same time leads through them: standpoints are in constant flux, dissolving and reforming. As interstices interchange, the ordered chaos of loose ends takes on the quality of a continous masquerade of the infinite.



Nothingness and universe merge together in the illusion of isolated object hood.In the flux of recurring ,disconnected thoughts we fail to grasp this and dress it up as a symbol of stable order. And so the shape of emptiness conveys an optimistic sense of everlasting sensual certainty.



Wolgang Siano